working out after a spinal fusion

Spinal Fusion Exercise: Where Do I Start?

So, you’ve had a spinal fusion. You’ve been cleared for exercise, and you know you need to care for your body… but you have a million questions about working out after spinal surgery.

Questions like:

  • Is it safe to work out with a spinal fusion?
  • Can I do Pilates or yoga after spinal fusion?
  • How can I work around my physical limitations after spinal fusion?
  • What exercises are okay for my spinal fusion?

Believe me, friend, I’ve been in a similar place to where you are now. After being diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager, I underwent a 12-level scoliosis fusion surgery. After I was fused, I spent years asking myself those same questions, living with chronic pain, and searching for someone to help me.

I needed somewhere to feel safe.
I needed someone who understood.
Do you need that, too?

Should I Try Pilates After Spine Fusion?

My own healing journey led me to Pilates. Thanks to my Pilates practice, I’ve found freedom:

  • freedom from pain
  • freedom from constant fear
  • freedom from a destructive self-image

My friend, I want to help you find your freedom.

I’ve been teaching Pilates since 2017, and I’ve worked with every type of spinal fusion: scoliosis spinal fusions, lumbar fusions, cervical fusions, and even fusions for spondylisthesis. I take great care to support my clients and help them meet their healing and wellness goals through customized, spinal-fusion friendly Pilates work and safe core exercises after spinal fusion.

Ready to take the next step on your healing journey?

You don’t have to live with pain, and you CAN safely work out after a spinal surgery. Get started today when you request your Pilates session with me, Allie. I’ve lived through a spinal fusion and found joy on the other side, and it’s time for you to experience that, too.

What are you waiting for?