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I’m Allie Myszka, a certified Pilates instructor and personal trainer in the Franklin, Tennessee area.

After a spinal fusion surgery in 2007 and recurring chronic pain, I found Pilates. At the height of my frustration with my body and its limitations, Pilates and movement helped me feel free to explore movement in a safe and effective way. 

I know what it's like to live in a body that doesn't feel like home.

I’ve been there. Maybe you have, too, or maybe you’re there now.


Movement has undoubtedly changed my life and given me the freedom to live without constant fear of my own body.

Friend, I want you to experience that transformation, too.

Isn’t it time you had a compassionate guide to help you find your own freedom?

Take the first step in your healing journey

Private Sessions

Your personalized workout

Whatever you’re facing, however your body is feeling on any particular day, your workout will be customized to account for and address those specific needs and wants. Offered in my Franklin, TN Pilates studio, or via Zoom.

Duet Sessions

Connect while you move

The personal attention you want for a tailored workout, with the added benefit of an accountability partner. You both enjoy camaraderie, budget flexibility, and an intimate, relaxed workout environment.

Group Classes

Community and flexibility

Move with me when your schedule allows, and join a community of people who are prioritizing their practice. Enjoy an all-over workout that refreshes your mind and leaves you feeling at ease in your body.

let's chat

Not sure how to get started on your movement journey? I’m here to answer questions and offer guidance.