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Pilates: it’s so much more than a buzzword or an exercise trend. It’s a system of exercises that can help you improve posture, address chronic pain, prevent injuries, increase your overall strength, and so much more. If you’ve considered trying Pilates, but aren’t sure how to get started, private Pilates classes can give you a feel for the method and help you begin your practice on the right track. 

Read on to see if private Pilates sessions could be just the thing you’re looking for.

5 Reasons to Try Private Pilates | Franklin, TN

1. The environment is calm, and there’s no pressure to perform.

Ever shown up to take class at a big studio and thought, “Everyone here is going to know I have no idea what I’m doing”? I definitely have, and it’s not a good feeling. With private Pilates classes at home or in a studio, you’re entering a zero-judgment zone. Plus, since you’re the only student in your Pilates class, the temptation to fall into the “comparison trap” is virtually eliminated. You can focus on your body and celebrate the amazing things it can do, without distractions or the need to keep up with someone else. 

2. Private Pilates classes are an optimal intro to the method as a whole.

What are all the springs for? How do I get these reformer straps on my feet? Am I doing this exercise correctly? Pilates equipment and exercises can feel totally foreign and weird if you’re new to the method (or new to working out altogether). Allow yourself to be a beginner, and establish a solid footing for your practice with help from a private Pilates instructor near you.

3. Private workouts are customized to your unique needs and goals.

Here’s the deal: private Pilates lessons cost a bit more than a standard, run-of-the-mill group class, but you’ll likely see progress and results significantly faster. Why? Because your workouts are designed to include exactly what YOUR body needs– nothing more, and nothing less. Whether you choose a studio session or virtual private Pilates at home, your instructor can also teach you about helpful exercises, stretches, or other at-home tools to incorporate into your everyday life… and that’s something you definitely won’t get from a group Pilates class.

4. Pilates is good for your body AND mind.

The best online Pilates classes are the ones you enjoy, feel invigorated by, and see benefits from– both physical and mental. Contrary to popular belief, Pilates isn’t just for those who want to get “long and lean” or increase their flexibility. Concentration is at the core of the Pilates method, so consistent private classes can help improve your mood, your concentration, and your body control. 

5. You can improve your everyday movement for long-term wellbeing.

With most workouts, you go to a gym, do your workout, and then forget all about it as soon as you get in your car to go home. Not so with Pilates! With a skilled instructor by your side, you’ll learn to move more efficiently in your everyday life. That can mean less back soreness after you’ve been doing housework or hobbies, more confidence when you’re picking up your grandkids or moving something heavy, and decreased pain over the long term. Private Pilates classes help you retrain your body mechanics so you can enjoy your life without chronic pain or recurring injuries getting in the way.

Find a Private Pilates Instructor Near Me | Franklin, TN

Ready to start your journey with Pilates? Request your virtual or in-studio private Pilates session today, or reach out to me, Allie, before you jump in– I’m here to help!